Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission:


Through our five teams, we aim to provide members of our society with substantial outlets to improve and nurture it. We organize and participate in events, collect and distribute donations among various other platforms of aid. Monthly, we organise one food drive, one item drive, and one beach clean up. We also organize and implement numerous projects supporting any cause we are able to help, as long as it is not political.


For our volunteers, we have a monthly meeting where all groups discuss their projects and present them to each other. Through our working model of 5 teams, our volunteers are also given an outlet to help and participate in any of the projects being done, no matter which category. We also provide a means of interaction, kindness and teamwork to our volunteers.


Our Vision:


We aim to be the pioneers of giving back in our society, setting an example for our peers and for generations ahead. We aim to help as many members of society, and as many communities as we possibly can. We aim to create a society that is aware and humane, and eager to give back.



For our volunteers, we aim to create a community of hardworking, open-handed, considerate and reliable individuals who contribute with a hands-on approach and an altruistic state of mind.


Core Values:




We believe in meeting our goals in the most trustworthy way possible, and we believe in being responsible and accountable to all stakeholders participating in Feedwise and/or any of its activities. We try to be as ethical as we can and we strive to better standards for future projects and initiative, and we spend wisely the funds invested in us.




We believe in empowering ALL individuals of any race, size, gender, background, or occupation. We hope to create an environment where both volunteers and receiving parties feel safe, respected, heard, and supported.





We have strong faith in building a community of honest, hardworking, and kind individuals who will be cooperative and productive towards bettering society and determined to make it a better place for them and those around them.



We aim to build sustainable solutions to resolve any lack of food due to poverty or scarcity and we committed to coming up with innovative and new solutions to reach and feed the highest number of people possible.